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eIDAS Deep Dive: How you can prepare

Prepare for eIDAS2 by understanding the regulation, identifying opportunities and risks, prioritizing use cases, defining requirements, deciding to build or buy, and launching iteratively.
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eIDAS Deep Dive: The Impact of Digital Identity

By 2026, eIDAS2 will mandate digital identity wallets for EU citizens, businesses, and governments, enhancing security, privacy, and efficiency across public services, education, employment, banking, healthcare, and eCommerce.
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Social Media
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Unmasking the Threat of Deepfakes and Fake News

As we navigate the complex landscape of digital interactions, the adoption of DIDs and VCs serves as a pivotal step towards fortifying the veracity of information and preserving the integrity of expertise on social media platforms.
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The Evolution of Digital Identity

In the last 30 years, online identities have evolved to become more secure, reliable, efficient and user friendly. But what next?
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