Reliable, Fast DID Resolution

Unleash the Power of Decentralized Identity with the Vidos Universal Resolver.
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Scalable. Reliable. Robust.

Discover the seamless functionality and ease-of-use of the Vidos Universal Resolver. Learn about the importance of identity management with our comprehensive documentation and guides, get started with our tutorials, and discover how identity is revolutionize your industry.
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Enhanced Security and Reliability

Experience unparalleled security with 99.95% SLA-backed uptime, safeguarding your digital interactions.

Broad Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate with a wide range of DID methods, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for your projects.

Cost-Effective Operations

Enjoy a scalable solution that reduces operational costs while maintaining high-quality service.

Future-Proof Technology

Stay ahead with a resolver that adapts to evolving standards and new DID methods, ensuring long-term viability.

Configurable Policies

Tailor the resolver to your specific needs with customizable policies and controls.

Comprehensive Method Support

Extensive support for various DID methods, allowing diverse application across industries.

Advanced Logging and Monitoring

Gain insights and maintain control with detailed logs and robust monitoring tools.